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For Cancer Research UK



Set up to help Grandad continue to raise money for Cancer Research UK

in memory of not just his wife, Patricia Melinek. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Following the success of his launch and a picture of health - Piano Grandad, my dad, has been himself diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He is undergoing a 6 hour operation today (8th June 2021) and we are hoping to reeach his target of £10,000 donations by the time he wakes up.  Please donate even a few pounds. As he says "its not IF we find a cure, its WHEN" how quickly is up to all us. 


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I fell in love with the piano when I was evacuated from WW2 London, age 3 and the village pub where I was staying would have big piano sing-songs.   Determined to learn, I started teaching myself to play when I returned to London aged 12. I always wanted to be a concert pianist but was forced down the sensible path of dentistry. 


When my beloved wife of 50 years died from ovarian cancer I threw myself into my piano playing and started fundraising for Cancer Research UK with local performances.  I have 5 children and 14 grandchildren and we all miss my wife, Patricia, so much.


During lockdown my grand-daughter helped me set up Tik Tok so I could continue my fundraising.  I am completely blown away by the generosity, 750,000 views and 25,000 followers.  Please donate what you can in memory of the millions of people lost to cancer every year.  If we had received just £1 for every view we would be heading towards a whopping million pound donation by now!!


Go to my Cancer Reserach UK page by clicking below. 





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